амир сафинамир сафин
03:01 14 Mar 24
They helped with full dedication, found out everything in advance, agreed everywhere, went through consultations without me, booked a hotel with a convenient location. I went through the treatment comfortably. Highly recommend!
Many thanks to the clinic staff. Online consultation with Professor Park. Efficiency and professionalism at the highest level. I would especially like to mention the translator Inna for the created tandem: support and assistance at any time. I will recommend to friends and acquaintances.
On my first visit to Seoul, We Travel Health, represented by Inna, fulfilled my dream and I had a circular lift on September 14, 2023. However, on the eve of the operation, on September 13, 2023, I underwent CHE-CAP under the Premium program, as a result of which I was diagnosed with formations in the left half of the thyroid gland and left breast. Based on the results revealed, I was strongly recommended to undergo a biopsy in order to confirm or exclude suspicions of a malignant tumor. I was scared to undergo a biopsy, because I had read on the Internet about the possible consequences of infection during the procedure, besides, holidays were coming up in Korea and the next appointment for a biopsy in Gangnam Severance, where I underwent CHE-KAP, was only at 12.10. 2023, and we were supposed to fly out in three days. And only thanks to Inna’s persistence, who: firstly, convinced me of the vital necessity of this procedure and secondly, did the almost impossible and on the eve of the holidays, literally the next day I found a clinic where I was able to have a biopsy done before our departure. Five days later, when I was already at home in Kazakhstan, Inna called me with the news that my worst fears were confirmed and it was thyroid cancer. Since holidays in Korea ended only on 10/10. 2023, she recommended immediately after their completion to undergo surgery, while the results of the CHE-CAP were still relevant. So on October 8, 2023, I again found myself in Seoul, accompanied by my son. Inna made sure that my son was approved for KETU and organized a meeting with the doctor immediately after the end of the holidays on October 10, 2023. On October 11, 2023, I was hospitalized at the Gangnam Severance Clinic and on October 12, 2023, I was operated on. So, thanks to the efforts of We Travel Health, I underwent a life-saving operation in a timely manner. There was some post-op nervousness on my part. Still, the second operation is one month apart from the first, but we must pay tribute to the professionalism, patience, endurance and understanding on the part of Inna and her employees, to whom I want to express my gratitude. Separately, I would like to mention the translator Ira, who accompanied me to the clinic, her intelligence, tact and attentiveness. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! And, of course, I express my gratitude to my doctors at the View Clinic and Gangnam Severance. And I recommend everyone to undergo regular examinations, which will allow them to seek medical help in a timely manner.
I thank the company and especially Inna, for their help in finding a clinic for heart treatment. Very responsive, attentive, quickly and efficiently resolved all issues, was always in touch. Answered all questions clearly and to the point. I wish prosperity, health to all the employees who took part in organizing my examination!!! Sincerely, Sadvakasov Abdisagit, Kazakhstan, Karaganda city.
Татьяна МТатьяна М
12:13 30 Aug 23
I express my deep gratitude to Inna and her team for organizing a trip to Korea for medical care. From the first day I contacted her, Inna was in touch with me on any issue, on any of my fears and experiences. She promptly resolved any of my questions. She is not only a professional in her field, but also an attentive person, for which special thanks to her! Everything was organized down to the smallest detail on her part. This trip could not have happened without her help! Thanks again for your work!
Kirill TimofeevKirill Timofeev
00:53 20 Jul 23
Golden Navis employees are not only fluent in both Russian and Korean, but also well understand the medical specifics of their clients’ problems. Often they can suggest questions that are worth asking the doctor, and which, without their advice, would not have occurred to me personally. Professionalism and empathy for the client - this is how I would characterize their style. You feel very comfortable and protected with them around. The organization of transfers and medical consultations is at the highest level. At the end you will be given both a paper booklet with your results and disks with all your medical data. I have experience in medical tourism to Turkey and I can definitely say that it is better here. Thank you Golden Navis!
06:56 19 Jul 23
Hello. I want to express my deep gratitude to Inna for the repeated assistance she has provided to me and my family. Thanks to Inna, dad successfully underwent a complex operation performed by a urological oncologist, mom was consulted by an experienced neurosurgeon, and no unnecessary and dangerous intervention was performed. Thank you. Good health and prosperity, and long life to you and your loved ones. Be happy. May all the good things you do always come back to you a hundredfold.
Светлана ЛиСветлана Ли
05:34 17 Jun 23
Dear Inna!We thank you and your company for providing professional medical services. Everything from purchasing tickets, meeting in Donghae and providing professional services at Busan Hospital was at the highest level. Medical vocabulary, human attitude and the desire to get the most correct result for our client, we give the highest score. Low bow to you and good health!!!
Aigerim BalykovaAigerim Balykova
06:04 14 Jun 23
Good afternoon I want to express my deep gratitude to Inna and her team! They brought my mother for a check-up, everything was organized to the smallest detail, transfers, selection of housing and clinics. We felt comfortable in a completely unfamiliar country and environment. Anya, the translator, was very sensitive and attentive! The girls were in touch 24/7, highly recommend❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alex BAlex B
15:37 01 May 23
It's just magical, I was greeted with warmth, right at home!Inna, at the stage of the first communication, gave a clear layout of actions, planning time and money. Advice on new issues, everything you need to know before arrival, everything was answered👏🏼Maximum comfort, moral and physical😊 I was happy to meet Inna, as well as the girls Anna and Natasha, who will accompany and help on the spot😊No coercion, you decide which corner of your precious health is worth digging into, but still it’s worth checking yourself completely👏🏼 The most important thing is to cast aside fears, contact a specialist and discuss your concerns🤗
Len1ks so2Len1ks so2
13:02 26 Apr 23
Hello.Honey. coordinators Inna and Natalia are excellent specialists, I do my job perfectly, select an individual approach to a potential client, explain everything in sufficient detail, answer questions, providing clear and detailed information.I sincerely recommend interacting with these specialists if you are planning to be treated or examined in South Korea)
08:32 26 Apr 23
ReviewHello Inna!I didn't bother yesterday, it was late Seoul time.I got there well, I was met by relatives both in Almaty and in Astana. I am very happy that I returned home. Thank you very much for your help and support. Let's meet on good occasions. Goodbye.Erkin A.
Natalia KimNatalia Kim
07:34 26 Apr 23
I want to express my gratitude to Inna and Alina, who were extremely conscientious and friendly in organizing the necessary medical procedures that were required during the treatment.And also to the solution of all everyday problems that arose during the treatment.Yuri F.
Appeal to Golden Navis, of course, was due to the state of health of my husband and I. After short consultations and negotiations with the chief manager of this company, Inna Antonova, we arrived in Korea, where we underwent the necessary examination and treatment. I would like to note the high professionalism of Inna, who was our translator all the time that we were on treatment, her excellent human qualities, indifference to people, well, we are grateful to her for choosing the clinic in which we were treated - at Busan University, the results of providing assistance with which we are very satisfied! I would also like to note the work of other employees of the Golden Navis company - translators Anna and Natalya, who helped us with treatment in those days when Inna could not be with us. Also noteworthy were such facts as Inna's help in arrival and departure, arrangement and even thinking through to the smallest detail of our life, without which successful treatment is impossible. In general, my assessment with my husband is excellent. With respect and gratitude, Elena and Alexander.
Great company, quick response to all questions!!! Professional selection of diagnostic and treatment complexes, as for yourself! With Golden NavisThe treatment will be of high quality, and the rest will be unforgettable!!!
Great company, quick response to all questions!!! Professional selection of diagnostic and treatment complexes, as for yourself! With Golden NavisThe treatment will be of high quality, and the rest will be unforgettable!!!